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Holly & Poppy

Mother: Rapunzel 
Father: Flynn

Background:  Holly always has her head in the clouds. Loves reading fairy tales and pretending she is an everyday princess.
Poppy: Loves creating new fashions and new hairstyles. Loves punk rock. 


Mother: Mysteria
Father: Invisible Man

Background: One of the "cool" kids. He enjoys Emo music and skateboarding. Has little interest in school and wants to be a rock star when he grows up.


Mother: Mrs. Hatter
Father: Mad Hatter

Background:  Comes from a long line of clinically crazy relatives. Poor Maddie has troubles getting along with others, but always has good intentions. She just sees the world a little different. 


Mother: Snow White
Father: King Charming

Background:  Focused a little too much on beauty. Gets along with Holly very well, since they both really want to be a princess some day. Apple already acts like she is a princess. 


Mother: Pocahontas 
Father: John Smith

Background:  His family just moved back to the Butterfly Heights area. He is having some trouble fitting into school, but doesn't have a shortage of ghouls flocking over him. 


Mother: Elisabeta Dracula
Father: Mad Scientist

Background:  A bit on the nerdy side. She enjoys science class and reading. She dreams of being a famous scientist like Marie Curie or Dr. Frankenstein. Best friends with Maddie.

Evanston Heights Characters:

Emma Garcia

Age: 16
Mother: Isabella (Izzy)
Father: Terence

Background:  Father has just divorced her mother. 

Best Friends:  Olivia and Jade

Cousin: Roselyn Conner

Roselyn Conner

Age: 14
Mother: Audrey
Father: Kenton

Background:  Will be the new kid at Evanston Heights High School.  Parents making her move. 

Cousin: Emma Garcia

Olivia Anders

Age: 16
Mother: Brooklyn
Father: Michael

Sister: Desirea (6yrs)

Background:  Wants to drive and find a job.

 Desirea (Desi) Anders

Age: 6
Mother: Brooklyn
Father: Michael
Sister: Olivia (16yrs)

Background:  Wants to be like her big sister.

Brooklyn Anders

Children: Desirea (6yrs) Olivia (16yrs)
Husband: Michael

Brenda Mitchel

Children: Charlie (3yrs), Bailey (6yrs), Lucas (10yrs), Paige (14yrs)
Husband: Steven

Isabella Garcia

Children: Emma (16yrs)
Ex-Husband: Terence
Sister:  Audrey


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